Business Analysis

How will your industry be effected by Blockchain Technology? Our advisors will get you up to speed on the current trends so your business can not only compete but thrive in the blockchain future.

Strategic Advising

Successful blockchain projects require a plan for each stage in development. From preparing an ICO, creating dynamic token economics, or building a community, GForce advisors are here to help.

Early Stage Funding

This is a service for companies in product and MVP development prior to ICO. GForce advisors are well connected in the industry and can partner your project with our GForce Investing Network.

Don’t Fit In A Box?

No problem. We know that each project and situation is unique.

It starts with a free consultation with one of our GForce advisors. As we assess the need and scope of your project, we can assign the GForce team members that are best suited for your project.

The GForce Advantage

GForce has taken a decentralized approach to maximizing human capital. Our team consists of engineers, miners (both tangible and digital assets), lawyers, bankers, IT experts, business experts, youtubers, ICO enthusiasts, rational investors, and musicians.

Together we have created a consensus based organization with a strong knowledge in current and future cryptocurrency/blockchain trends. We are active investors who choose to spend our time, our effort, and our money to propel projects in this space. A successful project is more than just a great idea. It requires vision from the perspective of the investor, the client, the trader and even people new to the crypto space.

Your Bridge To The Digital Future

The GForce team is here to help you succeed in the blockchain world. Through our experience, funding, and active participation, we can optimize your project’s potential.

Formula For Success

The GForce team has participated in 100s of blockchain projects. This experience has enabled us to identify winning formulas in this space. As most blockchain projects fail, our investments have enjoyed unprecedented success.


Our diverse team spans many countries and backgrounds. This unique perspective gives us an edge over the traditional advisory role. We each participate with our own personal funds and talents for optimal project benefit.



One of the most overlooked aspects of successful blockchain projects is a strong project community. We are active participants in telegram, slack, reddit, and other online communities.


From grassroots meetups to industry wide conferences, GForce members are able to keep up on the latest trends in blockchain regulation and development. This participation fosters relationship building and intelligence gathering.

GForce Investing Network

The blockchain space is changing and you want to be a part of it. If you are a serious blockchain investor, we can help you connect with some of the best projects before they ICO.

Ideal candidates for the GForce Investing Network are dedicated to the blockchain space as investors, advisors, and community builders. Together, we can take worthy projects to the next level.

Around The World

GForce is creating a revolutionary work consensus platform. We leverage our investments with time and expertise. Our diverse group brings over 250 years of combined professional experience to every project. With members from 4 continents, we have an immense combined network reach.


Current Projects

GForce cooperation was fast, straight forward and productive.

Oleg Seydak

Founder and CEO, Blackmoon Financial Group

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